Rockey is committed to supporting fun for all of our residents and surrounding communities through our local youth recreation department, local events, and making necessary upgrades to our Town’s parks & facilities. 

Rockey will lead our town by listening first. He will take time to gather information from local community members and their elected representatives before making major decisions. We need a better line of communication to the people that we serve. Among other traditional methods, he will use social media and the town’s website to keep us informed.

Rockey supports our local businesses. Understanding the challenges of a small business is important to the position of Mayor. Rockey is an experienced business leader that will help our businesses flourish. He will actively promote our town while working to implement existing plans. Rockey will capitalize on our assets and focus on building additional infrastructure that will promote Williamston and continue to “Put Williamston on the Map”.

Rockey plans to foster safe neighborhoods through organizational transformation, community partnerships, and shared problem-solving. He will tackle root causes of neighborhood crime in a manner that builds trust in law enforcement. This year the Williamston Fire Department has its first full time firefighter. Rockey will work hard to ensure that our firefighters always have the necessary equipment and apparatus that they need to ensure that they can safely serve our community.